Anna Jane Seyram-AlormasorPhotographer/ PA

    Anna Jane is an aspiring project manager, interior designer dedicated to working with intelligent minds to manage projects  that will impart and transform lives globally. She is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Public Administration from the University of Ghana, Legon. At Refined Creative  she works as Administrative assistant, personal assistant to the founder of Refined creative and a freelance photographer. 

    Anna Jane’s profile is best represented in this quote. “I think if you have the ability and talent in one way, you have it in all ways, I’m not a jack of all trades, I’m a master of many. I don’t feel there is anything I can’t do if I want to “.-Evel Knievel-

    Anna Jane has a diploma in fashion illustration from Accra Technical University and with her creative background  she worked  with a fashion firm Myth House as an assistant creative director, and a personal assistant to the CEO of Polish’d Beauty+Bar Gh and managing her interior design project as well. 

    She has been volunteering in the Media Team as a photographer at Agape House New Testament Church for four year and counting and also plays a key role in planning  and organising major events in the Church as a committee member.

    She is a career driven person and her ultimate goal is to impact the  world positively and she prefers to be called AJ.   

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