Alanima Fonio

Creative Brief

In Chokosi, the Anufor dialect, SAASU means reconciliation, the core identity of the people and the project. Reconciliation is, in essence, what the project seeks to ultimately achieve with its vision.

In December 2018, violent clashes between the Konkombas and the Anufors erupted between tribal families in the area that reignited an old land dispute, which only reinforced our relationship with the farmers.

Saasu is, therefore, a testament to our belief that fonio can help people not only reconcile with themselves through healthier and more nutritious diets, or with nature through ecological sound farming, but also with their neighbours through shared enterprise and profitable cooperation.

What We Did

The Refined Creative team was awarded funding from Alamino Fonio Limited to develop produce and shoot this documentary, from pre production to post production. The Refined Creative team produced this documentary in Ghana.


Behind The Scenes


Alanima Fonio

SAASU project


Emmanuel Etim – Director/Producer

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