Creative Brief

Meet the visionaries who are challenging conventional concepts of home.

In Ghana international architect Joe Addo returned to his homeland with a vision to create a family home using only indigenous materials.

Focusing on traditional Ghanaian building techniques rarely used today on contemporary homes in urban areas. Joe developed a new hybrid structure, integrating modern design with ancient Ghanaian practices.

The home proved to be more than just a place to dwell, in the process his mission expanded beyond the limitations of a single a house, to include whole communities in neighbourhoods like Jamestown.

In creating this home, Joe’s voice as an African architect and visionary is uplifting the next generation of African creatives.

What We Did

With a decade of filming experience on the continent, our team was equipped to assist with creative ideas, organising shooting schedules, finding and connecting with talent, and arranging notable features made on the documentary.

From booking the appropriate guests, hotel bookings, scouting locations, transportation of the crew and meals. The RC team facilitated production and ensured that the team was well taken care of throughout the during of the project.

Behind The Scenes



Apple TV


Local Producer/Fixer – Emmanuel Etim

Production Coordinator – Yayra Adoboli

Production Assistant – Brigitte Perenyi

Production Assistant – Shakiru Akinyemi

Production Assistant – Daniel Smith

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