Emmanuel EtimFounder & Producer

I  grew up in an environment that allowed me to ask questions and find my identity.”

Emmanuel Etim, founded Refined Creative on the belief that people can begin a journey of a wholly improved mental, economical, and social development if they truly understand who they are. He believes that there is a backstory to every present condition.  Reconnecting with his African roots, Emmanuel has built a formidable team of passionate and committed team of multi-national thinkers and doers, to tell African stories. Emmanuel has 15 years of production experience and a Master of Arts in Telecommunications: Digital Media Arts. 

After two years of working as an editor in narrative fiction, Emmanuel transitioned into non-fiction production and has spent 13 years, producing and facilitating a wide range of documentaries, publications, training videos, and hands-on lectures in North America Europe, Asia, and Africa. Emmanuel decided to move to Ghana after 12 years into his career in the United States to begin what has become, a thrilling journey of storytelling. Today, Emmanuel’s multidisciplinary skills in directing, producing, cinematography, project management, and editing, have connected him with some of the continent’s brilliant minds in the industry. 

Emanuel has contributed massively to projects, working with several international organizations including Fords Motor Company, Person Education, Microsoft The World Bank, The American Diabetes Association, The American Red Cross, The US State Department, RHED Pixel, Oxfam Ghana, Open Society Foundation for West Africa (OSIWAA), US Mission to African, Cavier Anonymous Content, Leo Burnett, Pixel Corps, Discovery Channel ESP, and Interface Media Group. 

“Share the knowledge and we will get there faster”

Emmanuel believes in capacity building and guidance for young professionals and students. Throughout his career, he has simultaneously run programs by patterning media-oriented organizations to train others in the art of film and media production. The African Digital Media Academy, Rwanda, Boston University Center for Digital Media, Photoshop World Arts Adobe TV, and NAB Post Production World are a few avenues, on which Emmanuel has shared his values. Collectively or individually, Emmanuel continues to gift others who are willing to learn, with the knowledge that impacts through story-telling.

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