Emmett WilliamsProducer/Director

    Emmet is a world-renowned television producer, a musician of global status and nationally-exhibited photographer. Cutting across the world, from North and South America to Asia and Africa, Emmet has exhibited his artistry through telling thoughtful stories. He has years of experience, filming in several countries, through which he has fostered lasting relationships, built strong teams and facilitated social progress. 


    Emmett is inspired by the need to tell stories that hold a fair view of the world; a balanced story, a story that ensures that experiences are assessed and reflected upon equally. Through the outfit he founded, Mission Man Media, Emmet employs the skills of photography and cinematography to  show the parts of a story we hardly see. Emmet effortlessly connects his audience to the experiences of people who more often than not, are burdened by uncomfortable truths and challenges. Through empathy, Emmet brings to his films an understanding of social challenges as well as its victories. In spite of the top-quality nature of his work, Emmet is generous with his art and makes it available to a wide audience.


    Emmett is also an accomplished writer and after several years working in broadcast television, he solely focuses on creating compelling and entertaining web series and documentaries. Fargesn Media Project, Camp Twitch & Shout :The Movie and the upcoming feature length film, “In Service” are a few projects under Emmet’s belt.  With the Refined Team, he has contributed significantly to projects like Indigenous Ghana and Zambia as well as an Open Society Foundation for West Africa  (OSIWA) project.

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