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Chasing Flavor with Carla Hall: HBO Max

Client: Original Productions

Ghana Proudction Services for segments for two 30 minute episodes:

SYNOPSIS // Carla ventures out into the world on a food adventure full of unexpected twists and turns. Each episode will be an immersive journey with Carla out in the field, where she meets her cultural guide who shows her the origins, history, techniques and essential ingredients that compose each dish. Intercut with these elements are scenes of Carla in the homes and restaurants of her cultural companions where they deconstruct, collaborate and recreate these mouthwatering feasts. 


Partner Production Company: Radical Media

Date Aired: May 18, 2023

Delivery Format: (Series) One hour documentary 

Country: Ghana

SYNOPSIS // Many have attempted to describe what happiness is, but few (if any) have found where it is. In this five-part documentary series, actor Rainn Wilson travels the world and explores what makes some places happier than others. As a self-described mope, Rainn has a deeply personal interest in unlocking the secrets to happiness. On his journey, this former Assistant to the Regional Manager isn't simply a host -- he's a globetrotting, soul-searching happiness warrior with a propensity for the quirky, reflective and downright bizarre.

Branded Content: 

How to Idnetify Key Elements in your Photos

BRIEF //  Watch as Michael Aboya describes his process, and the way he navigates capturing facial expressions and other key elements that are highlighted in his work. Follow Michael on Instagram:

Comissioned Work


SYNOPSIS // Indigenous, is a celebration of African food. It is also a critical look at food security in the face of looming climate change. The mini-series, covers indigenous food from Zambia, Kenya and Ghana. Speaking to a knowledgeable group of food lovers, chefs, farmers and media personalities, Indigenous seeks to find which foods are really indigenous to Africa, the parallels between  African culture, lifestyle and  our food choices, as well as the impact of Climate change in different parts of of the continent.

Refined Creative?

Since 2011, Refined Creative has been a driving force in African storytelling, crafting impactful narratives that resonate with audiences globally. Our journey began in Washington DC, with a passion for non-fiction content in the international development space, and by 2014, we expanded to Accra Ghana. In the last 10 year,  we built a robust network of talented directors, producers, and creatives across the continent.


Over the years, our expertise has blossomed. Collaborations with renowned filmmakers led us to documentaries embraced by viewers worldwide, and in the last two years, we have ventured into exciting territory: narrative content. Today, we offer a diverse portfolio, weaving tales across genres and scales, all infused with the vibrant authenticity of Africa.

Unparalleled Expertise, Pan-African Network:

Global reach: With bases in Washington D.C. and Accra, Ghana, we tap into a thriving network of creative minds throughout Africa.


Decade-long track record: Over a decade of experience allows us to navigate every region, from the majesty of the Masai Mara to the bustling streets of Accra.

Award-winning portfolio: Our work has graced prestigious platforms like Apple TV, BBC, CNN, Discovery+, HBO, Hulu, National Geographic Channel, Netflix, Peacock, and Vice News.


Renowned collaborations: We partner with industry leaders like A24, C41 Productions, DDC International, Hot Snakes Production, Muck Media, Original Productions, and Zero Point Zero Productions.


Your One-Stop Storytelling Partner:

Refined Creative is your comprehensive solution for capturing the power of African narratives:


Full-service production: Let us handle every aspect of your non-fiction project, from concept to completion.


Local production support: We provide expert fixers, locations management, and logistical assistance for large-scale productions, series, and documentaries.


Filmmaker collaborations: Connect with talented directors and producers in Ghana and the US, specializing in both fiction and non-fiction projects.


Unleash the power of Africa's stories. Partner with Refined Creative and let your narrative find its voice.